Why and How Should You Bet On Corners

This going to be a profound glimpse of the philosophy of betting on corner kicks. We’ll go through some teams that have performed especially well in winning corners so that you have a good perspective of what to expect from a match.

First we must compare the performance differences between the five major European football leagues. Unsurprisingly, the English Premiere League has the highest percentage of corner kicks – that’s right, UK teams are always on their top game when it comes to corners. Up next comes the Italian Seria A, followed closely by the Spanish La Liga. The margin between these two is less than 3%! Fourth ranks the German Bundesliga and last comes the French League 1. The score difference between the first and the fifth league is nearly 15%. However, these number vary throughout the years, so this is just a reference point for you here.

Let’s now see which are the top 10 teams you can count on winning corner kicks, based on their overall performance in the last 5 years.
• Liverpool
• Manchester United
• Arsenal
• Bayern Munich
• Barcelona
• Chelsea
• Tottenham
• Milan
• Roma
• Villadolid

This is by no means an indicator of their capabilities as teams, or a ranking from best to worst. Rather, that’s an illustration of the contrast we see between the separate leagues – their game style and the training habits.

The sooner you find the similarities and highlight the distinctions – the better. Learning what you must expect from and look for in a specific team will help you make better informed choices when it comes to betting.

Getting the grasp of corner kicks is useful, and mastering the art of choosing the right moment to bet on them can be a great way to make extra money. Hopefully, you discovered something new here and will use it wisely. Good luck!