What Is Heinz Betting and How Does It Work

You’ve probably already heard of the brand ‘Heinz’, but did you know there’s a popular betting system with the same name? The inspiration behind that comes from the company’s famous slogan “57 Varieties”. Now you may /check Livescore.in /wonder what that has to do with gambling and why did we mention the number 57. Well, it’s simple – this wager consists of 57 bets combined in 6 picks, i.e. 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 5 fivefolds and only one sixfold accumulator.
This full-cover systems is preferred because you can choose a range of selections and usually only need two of them to win to come ahead; there are no restrictions – even a successful double bet works. However, the wager is usually big when it comes to Heinz betting, so you should aim higher than that.

The most important thing to have in mind when it comes to the Heinz system is that every selection has its own odds. We are going to give a simpler example now, though. Let’s imagine that you want to bet on horses – $1 on each selection, or $57 in total, and somehow the odds for all of them are equal – 5.2. If 2 of the 6 picks win your return is only $27.04, or overall you’ll lose nearly $30. At these odds you’ll need at least 3 of the bets to be successful to gain profit. In that case it will be $164.73 going straight into your pocket. In a very fortunate series of events where all 6 of your picks are lucky, you’ll take home $56,711.04 in returns!

Heinz bets are popular among events where the selections have long odds and there is a bigger probability of winning. That’s why this betting system is frequently used in horse racing, and not so much in football.

Why and How Should You Bet On Corners

This going to be a profound glimpse of the philosophy of betting on corner kicks. We’ll go through some teams that have performed especially well in winning corners so that you have a good perspective of what to expect from a match.

First we must compare the performance differences between the five major European football leagues. Unsurprisingly, the English Premiere League has the highest percentage of corner kicks – that’s right, UK teams are always on their top game when it comes to corners. Up next comes the Italian Seria A, followed closely by the Spanish La Liga. The margin between these two is less than 3%! Fourth ranks the German Bundesliga and last comes the French League 1. The score difference between the first and the fifth league is nearly 15%. However, these number vary throughout the years, so this is just a reference point for you here.

Let’s now see which are the top 10 teams you can count on winning corner kicks, based on their overall performance in the last 5 years.
• Liverpool
• Manchester United
• Arsenal
• Bayern Munich
• Barcelona
• Chelsea
• Tottenham
• Milan
• Roma
• Villadolid

This is by no means an indicator of their capabilities as teams, or a ranking from best to worst. Rather, that’s an illustration of the contrast we see between the separate leagues – their game style and the training habits.

The sooner you find the similarities and highlight the distinctions – the better. Learning what you must expect from and look for in a specific team will help you make better informed choices when it comes to betting.

Getting the grasp of corner kicks is useful, and mastering the art of choosing the right moment to bet on them can be a great way to make extra money. Hopefully, you discovered something new here and will use it wisely. Good luck!

Common Mistakes People Make When Betting On Football

You have probably read one or two articles with valuable advice, pieces that focus on telling you what you should do step by step. But the oh so necessary info on what to avoid is usually somewhat lacking. Worry not though – we are here to right that wrong and warn you about a few things.

Don’t Skip Watching Games

Well, we didn’t mean that to sound so strict, but yes – if you do have the time to do it, watch the matches. Especially the ones where the teams you tend to bet on play. You’re a fan of the Premiere League? Great – spare a few hours this weekend and see how United is playing. Observing the players will give you serious advantage.

Remember the Importance of Everyone in the Team

While having a strong offense squad is vital for scoring, the defense players’ job is just as important. Way too often a team loses the match due to weak defense lines so you shouldn’t underestimate that for sure. Check if these players in Barcelona for example are good enough so you’ll know whether or not to put your money on them in the next El Classico. The management is also not to be dismissed. If the relations in the club are bad, how can you expect the players to perform well? Are they buying the best possible footballers, are they selling important team members? You should know all that.

Don’t Just Follow Random Advice You Find On the Internet

It sounds kind of weird reading that here, on a website, but it’s actually very important. Don’t forget that online anyone can publish anything, there’s no quality control and too much outdated information. We’re not saying you shouldn’t do research, but you must choose your sources wisely. A random blogspot post from an anonymous author is probably not your best advisor.